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Health Resort Administration of
Prerow Baltic Sea Side Resort
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Interactive map of the Baltic Sea coast - Baltic Sea resort Prerow on the Peninsula Fischland-Darss-Zingst und Umland
Baltic resort Prerow Over 100 years ago already, nature-loving bathers discovered Prerow. Particularly the uniqueness of the peninsula chain Fischland- Darß- Zingst exerts again and again a mysterious attraction on our guests. Prerow nestles up to the adjacent Prerow Bay -which the newspaper ‘Die Welt’ qualified as "... the most beautiful beach in Germany " , naturally grown, - even in the look of its buildings. So you get a grasp of its breadth during your first round trip already.
On the Darß, completely opposite types of habitats neighbour on one another on the smallest of space: Wide, white sandy beaches in the Prerow Bay, a sight reaching beyond the horizon - dense, murmuring forests, becoming sandy as they reach the wild-romantic west beach and sun-flooded, fragrant meadows in our Baltic Sea resort and alongside the Bodden. Baltic Sea resort Prerow
Baltic Sea resort Prerow The Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft (West Pomeranian typical Bodden Landscape) under nature conservation order   - just calls for active experiencing. Climatic zones, officially certified as being effective, stimulate you to breathe deep and thoroughly. Especially in the Autumn and Winter, you feel the peculiarity and effect of this invigoration. By sitting still, one remains unaware of it.
The Darss museum, the Seamen’s Church, the Culture Cottage and the Darsser Ort - Lighthouse are landmarks from older times, standing up for contemporary Culture – They offer room for activities on days when the sun does not shine. Baltic Sea resort Prerow
Baltic Sea resort Prerow Thatched-roofed houses with Darss - doors (carved and richly decorated by seamen), framed in reassuring green still characterizes the local picture to a large extend. Due to the geological formation the form of valleys lined with dunes and of high dune crests, the constructions in this region spread over a wide area. Thus, one finds open pastures and timber even in the middle of town. 
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