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Baltic Sea resort Prerow

Gemeindeplatz 1
18375 Prerow
phone: 038233 6100
fax: 038233 61020
ISDN 038233 61041

Logo Baltic Sea resort Prerow



by train and bus via Stralsund - Barth or Rostock - Ribnitz/Damgarten
by car via A 19 motorway and E 22 (European through route) from Berlin and Luebeck via "Altheide"
junction (before Ribnitz/Damgarten), E 251 and E 22 from Neubrandenburg via Barth
Relief way: motorway exit Rostock/Sued direction Sanitz, Bad Suelze, Loebnitz and Barth
by aero plane via Barth airport
by ship via Rostock and Sassnitz sea ports


More than 120 cultural events and presentations for children take place ‘under the thatched roof’, which is the motto of this artistry organization.



- Prerow, Gruene Strasse/ Ecke Bergstrasse, ATM cash dispenser, phone: 038233/6220
- Born, Schulplatz 2, ATM cash dispenser, phone: 038234/5000


Bathing is possible at the "textile beach" as well as on nudists beaches (in German: "FKK")


Beaches welcoming dogs are:
- Prerow: starting from beach access 23 (Hohe Duene) 200 m in Eastern direction
as well as at some beach parking lots between Prerow and Zingst
and 200 m to the West of the Bernsteinweg
- Born: Beach access 2b toward the North
In Prerow a charge for dogs is levied.

"Dog-doo-bags" are available from the Health Resort Administration of Prerow and at the info-kiosk at the main crossing.


Bicycle paths spread over a broad network of well developed and marked cycle tracks.


- Fahrrad-Wittenburg, Prerow, Bebelstrasse 18, phone: 038233/69760
- Fahrradverleih (Bicycle Rental) Wiedner, Prerow, Gruene Strasse 2b, phone: 038233/60187
- Travel Charme Hotel Bernstein, Prerow, Buchenstrasse 34-42, phone: 038233/640
- Fahrradverleih (Bicycle Rental) Kowalewski, Wieck, Borner Weg 1, phone: 038233/60271
- Fahrradverleih (Bicycle Rental) Reichelt, Wieck, Strandweg 6, phone: 038233/60479
- Fahrradshop (Bicycle Shop) Neumann, Born, Im Moor 2, phone: 038234/272


- in Prerow: Baltic Sea: Northern Beach, at "Bernsteinweg" transit,
Prerow current: pedal boat rental at the main transit to the beach


- Round trips through the Bodden are possible from Prerow and Born.
- From Born there is a ship to Althagen on the Fischland from Easter to the end of September
  and to Bodstedt on the mainland in the main season, too
  (taking bicycles on board)
- Some ship-owners offer, after arrangement, charter travels over the Bodden and to Hiddensee
   (ask locally).

- A trip on a so-called ‘Zeesen’ boat is a special experience.
- Information:
Wieck, Hotel Haferland, Bauernreihe, phone: 038233/680
Wieck, port office, phone: 038233/290 or 038233/69450
Born: Buddelschiffboutique, H. P. Konow, Chausseestrasse46, phone: 038234/ 264

aufwaert.gif (883 Byte) CHILD CARE

The day care centre of the Darss municipality takes care of guest children for hours or days.
Information and arrangements:
- KITA (day care centre) of Prerow, phone: 038233/31
- KITA (day care centre) of Wieck, phone: 038233/335
- KITA (day care centre) of Born, phone: 038234/262


- Darss-Lichtspiele, Prerow, Waldstrasse 5, phone: 038233/60141,
- Summer cinema Prerow, Bernsteinweg
- Summer cinema Born, Nordstrasse


We attach great importance on a clean landscape, clean beaches and villages.
Support our efforts! Should we have overlooked some refuse somewhere because of the extendedness of the area, we would be grateful for any indication and will deal with it immediately.
In the mountains, it is an unwritten law, but also on the beach: take your rubbish with you.


On the Darss, you can breathe rough sea-air, oxygen- loaded forest air, and enjoy a stimulating climate in the Bodden area. The Darss is characterized by a high annual average number of sunny days.


Varied, interesting and at a high level are the performances of the two cabarets on the Darss.

Kulturkaten ¢ Kiek in¢ in Prerow, Waldstrasse 42, phone: 038233/69751
- Sommertheatre Born, Chauseestrasse 75, phone: 038234/208
On the small stages under the thatched roof, the audience seating 50-70, theatre, cabaret, readings,
literary-musical evenings, meetings for children and concerts are performed from March to October (in
the main season) as well as over the turn of year.

Concerts also take place in the churches of the Darss.
Exhibitions, private galleries and creative courses belong to the culture landscape of the Darss, too.

- Pottery in the open air 
Each Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00 - 12.15 o'clock with the ceramics framer Annette
Grain in her ceramics workshop in Wieck, Mueggenburg 9, phone: 038233/69716
- Local culture conservation and tradition live on in the performances of
the Prerow child folklore ensemble and the Born village ensemble.
- Health resort concerts are performed during the main season in Prerow on the sea pier or in the outdoor theatre


Round trips through Prerow, regular service to "Darsser Ort" harbour.
John, Prerow, Waldstrasse 1 a, phone: 038233/60150


(German Life Rescue Society)
- Northern Beach: Prerow DLRG-group, main transit to the beach, phone: 038233/213

- Western Beach: Born 1 Beach transit, phone: Ahrenshoop 038220/80634


(German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked Persons)
- Rescue cruiser "Vormann Jantzen ", phone: 0171/2111032


Dunes fulfill an important protective function for the landscape of the Darss. Therefore, they may not be set foot upon, even if they are not within an enclosure. At the beach, resting places must be at a 2 meters’ distance from the foot of the dune. It costs much work and money to restore stamped down dunes to their original state. Therefore, please only use the beach transits provided!


Exhibitions take place in the Seemannskirche (Seamen’s Church), in the Darss Museum and in the " Kiek in" culture centre - an ancient captain’s house.


Fishing permits can be acquired:
- in Prerow at Fahrrad-Wittenburg (bicycle shop), Bebelstrasse 18, phone: 038233/69760
- in Wieck at the information desk of the resort administration
- in Born in the "Buddelschiffboutique", Hans Peter Konow,
Chausseestrasse 46, phone: 038234/264
To obtain a fishing permit, you must have a legally approved fishing license.

Fishing tackles are available:
- in Prerow at Fahrrad-Wittenburg
- in Born in the "Buddelschiffboutique", Hans Peter Konow

Fishing possibilities exist in the Baltic Sea, in the "Bodden" and in the Prerow River. For fishing from the sea pier, the fishing license is sufficient. The pier rules inform about times when angling is allowed.


Garages - Car Repairs at
- Wagner, breakdown service, Wieck, Quergang 4, phone: 038233/283
- R. Parchow, DEA-Autoport, Born, An der Bäderstrasse, phone: 038234/380
- J. Pagel, Prerow, Buchenstr. 24 a, phone: 038233/237


- Born, DEA-Gas station at the Baederstrasse


are offered in the season by the Kneipp association, after previous registration for groups (e.g. training holiday) there is the possibility of participating free of charge in guided tours on certain topics. Guided tours of the Seamen’s Church and in the Darss Museum are likewise possible after previous notification.


Barmer Baltic Sea hospital, Kirchenort 5, 18375 Ostseebad Prerow,
phone: 038233 / 65-0, fax 038233 / 65110

Rehabilitation hospital for illnesses of the respiratory system, the skin, allergies and sleep disorders with capacity for 210 patients.


Everything which benefits tourists is generally financed from the Health Resort Tax. This includes e.g. the maintenance of the extensive net of bicycle and hiking paths, the cleanliness of the beach, the emergency services and the cultural attractions on offer. That’s why in Darss, a Health Resort Tax is also levied. The amount, duration, objectives and further details are written down in the ‘statutes concerning the levy of a health resort tax’ of every municipality. Further information concerning this tax can be obtained from the health resort administration or from your landlord / landlady. In the Baltic Sea resort of Prerow, period A corresponds to the main holiday season, period B and C to the off-season time. Day-tax cards are available from vending machines, from the information kiosk and from the beach keeper. The day-tax card is valid fort the whole region of the peninsula Fischland-Darss. The holders of tax cards enjoy price reductions amongst others at day-parking lots, events organized by the health resort administration, museum visits.


Guided hiking tours are offered during the whole year by the Tourist offices (in the municipalities, there are trained hiking guides), by the ‘Natureum Darsser Ort ‘, by the Kneipp Association and by the National Park.


- Kurbetrieb Ostseebad Prerow, Gemeindeplatz 1,
   phone: 038233/6100, Fax 038233/61020, ISDN 038233/6100
http://www.ostseebad prerow.de
- Kur- u. Tourist GmbH Darss
- Kurverwaltung Erholungsort Wieck, Bliesenrader Weg 2,
   phone: 038233/201, Fax: 038233/497
- Kurverwaltung Erholungsort Born, Chausseestrasse75,
   phone: 038234/50421 or. 50423, Fax 038234/50424 or 50426


http://www.ostseebad prerow.de
e-mail: info@ostseebad-prerow.de

aufwaert.gif (883 Byte) KNEIPP ASSOCIATION e.V.

Walks, water stepping, courses and accompanying treatment of outpatient long-term therapy. Contact address: Mr G. Richter, Prerow, Strandstr. 5, phone: 038233/367

aufwaert.gif (883 Byte) LIBRARY

- in Prerow beside the information centre of the resort administration, Gemeindeplatz 1
- in Wieck in the resort administration
- in Born in the Suedstrasse (opposite the boat landing stage)
For information about opening hours, please ask at the information desk at the local resort administration.


Jens Pagel, Prerow, Buchenstr. 24a, phone: 038233 / 69 237


The lost property office is located in the "Amt Darss Fischland" / town clerk’s office, phone: 038220/80713. Lost property can also be handed to the resort administrations.


-"Darss museum" Prerow, Waldstrasse 48, phone: 038233/69750:
Exhibitions on the fauna, flora and local history, changing art exhibitions;
Guided tours, please make prior arrangements.
Opening times:
daily: 10.00 - 17.00
October: Wed.-Sun.: 10.00 - 16.00
November-April: Wed.-Sun.: 13.00 - 16.00
- Forest and hunting museum " Ferdinand von Raesfeld ", Born,
Chausseestrasse 64 (Alte Oberfoersterei), phone: 038234/30297
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 16.00 o'clock
also possible at other times by prior arrangement.
- Natureum " Darsser Ort ":
at the lighthouse Darsser Ort, phone: 038233/304
May until October, daily 10.00 - 18.00 o'clock
November until April Wednesday - Sunday 11.00 - 16.00 o'clock


The " Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft " National Park
- Administration: Born, Am Wald 13, phone: 038234/5020,
Organization of hiking tours and exhibitions.
- Information Centre of the National Park in Wieck:
   Bliesenrader Weg 2, phone: 038234/5020
- Foerderverein National park "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft" e.V.,
   Duenenhaus/Schifferberg, 18437 Ahrenshoop, phone: 038220/80659


New Year diving and first swimming 1.1.2000


New Year’s Eve 2000 with the most silent fireworks (2000 balloons filled with helium rise with sparklers into the nocturnal sky). The beach catering service including the local catering service ‘Residenz Kormoran’ is already in the process of organizing a New Year’s Eve event at the Dune House with Mr. Lang. Midnight concert in the Seamen’s Church and perhaps religious celebration on the Northern beach, Hotel Waldschloesschen - 7 nights special menu with " Fine New Year’s Eve Gala " and " Millennium Party on our leisure island ". Ostsee Ferien GmbH organizes a New Year’s Eve party in the hall, New Year’s Eve on the Bodden with the MS Heidi, New Year’s Eve party in the Seegasthof am Hafen.


If you wish to take your pet with you, it is absolutely necessary to discuss the matter with your landlord or landlady before hand.
- pedigree cat residence and cat home "Von der Ostseeperle ",
B. and J. Melzer, Wieck, Strandweg 3, phone: 038233/60301
- vet surgery, Mr. VR Dr. Slucka, Wieck, Bauenreihe 2, phone: 038233/451
Taking dogs to the beach in the municipality of Prerow is not permitted.


- Prerow: Strandstrasse 17, phone: 038233/60192
- in Born, a collecting point for prescriptions is available. Medicine is delivered by the Prerow pharmacy home service.


-General and resort physician: Dr. Ulbricht,
Surgery: Prerow, Schulstrasse 1, phone: 038233/217 and 0171/6427408
Private address: Prerow, Buchenstrasse 16, phone: 038233/245
- General physician, allergology/ natural remedies: Dr. E. Schrader (lady)
Surgery: Prerow, Strandstrasse 22, phone: 038233/69795
- General physician: Mr. Fritz, Dipl. Med.
Surgery: Born, Chausseestrasse 72 a (at the port), phone: 038234/352
Consulting days in Wieck, at the Hosbrink surgery, on Mondays and Thursdays
- Gynecologist (lady): Dr. G. Schrader, MR
Surgery: Prerow, Strandstrasse 22, phone: 038233/69795,
- Dentist: Dr. Schwarzer, Prerow, Huelsenstrasse 32, phone: 038233/260
- Dentist: Dr. Pietsch, SR, Born, Schulplatz 2, phone: 038234/250
- Emergency Ward Prerow, Schulstrasse 1, phone: 038233/277
Emergency call: - rescue and fire-brigade phone: 112
- police phone: 110
- Physiotherapy, Mrs. G. Finke, Born, Chausseestrasse 77, phone: 038234/273
Prerow, Strandstrasse
- Physiotherapy " Darss Vital ", Prerow, Am Deich 1, phone: 038233/70122
- general and bath physician: Dr. Ulbricht,


Prerow Police Station: Hafenstrasse 21, phone: 038233/210; Emergency call 110


- Prerow:  Hafenstrasse8,  phone: 038233/220
- Born: Im Moor, phone: 038234/30372 (Sub-post office in the "Borner Basar")


- Ostseeklinik der BARMER, Ostseebad Prerow


- Seamen’s Church Prerow and Fishermen’s Church in Born,
(Protestant and Catholic service)
- Protestant parsonage: Prerow, Kirchenort, phone: 038233/69133
- every 2nd Sunday in July, the service in held in the Darss forest.


- Prerow, info-kiosk at the main crossing to the beach
- Meeratmosphäre, Lange Strasse13, phone: 038233/69124, fax 038233/69125


A resting area for water-wayfarers is situated near the circular road leading to Zingst, it has moorings for boats, toilets, showers, electricity and water supply, motor boat and rowing boat rental as well as kayaks.


There are riding stables in all of the Darss’s Peninsula municipalities. Riding off the designated riding paths is not permitted. Information about the wide net of riding paths is available from the riding stables.


You can also experience our unique landscape from the bird perspective.
Airport Barth, phone: 038231/89551


- Darssarium, whirlpool at the Travel Charme Hotel Bernstein,
   Prerow, Buchenstrasse 42, phone: 038233 640
- Sauna, swimming pool at the "Waldschloesschen" Hotel,
   Prerow, Bernsteinweg, phone: 038233 6170


The Northern beach sea pier is 390 m long. From here you can board ships traveling the ‘Boddenkette’ between the Baltic resorts and Møn.


Darsser Schuetzenverein e.V., Prerow, Hafenstr. 21, phone: 038233/ 600 80
Shooting range: Prerow, Langseer Weg


- Northern beach: "Uni Surf Team"   on the Regenbogen-Camp (surfing courses, materials sales),
Beach crossover way crossing Bernsteinweg
- Bodden: water moving lay-by Wieck, camping site Born,
or at a place of your selection that allows you to start.


Swimming and bathing at the textile beach and at nudist beaches (FKK)
Swimming tuition by the local DLRG-


- Prerow: Taxi-Heuser, phone: 038233/449
- Born: Taxi-Blodek, Bäckergang 5, phone: 038234/202


- tennis court in Prerow at the main cross over to the beach,
information at the info-kiosk at the main cross over,
- tennis court in the Travel Charme Hotel Bernstein


is awarded by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Umwelterziehung e.V."
(German Society for Environmental Education) as a Europe-wide prize for excellence.
Relevant criteria for the assignment are:
Micro-biological, physiochemical parameters
Sewage conditioning, commitment to the environment,
Safety aspects, environmental information at the resort.
This award was awarded to the Prerow Northern Beach.


Recognized therapeutic stays for outpatients are available, care by the bath doctor
Barmer Ostseeklinik, Kirchenort 5, 18375 Ostseebad Prerow,
phone: 038233 / 65-0, fax: 038233 / 65110
Rehabilitation hospital for illnesses of the respiratory system, the skin, allergies and sleep disorders capacity for 210 patients.


Tourismusverband "Fischland/Darss/Zingst" e.V.,
Barther Strasse 31, 18314 Loebnitz, phone: 038324/640-0, fax 640-34


- Alfred Kayserling, Prerow, Schmideberge 20, phone: 038233/60278,
individual tours by carriage, tours to the lighthouse " Darsser Ort ".
- There are also other carriage businesses in Wieck and Born.


Zeesen boat tours can be undertaken on the waters of the Bodden.


- New Year’s diving and first swimming in Prerow, January 1st, 1999/2000
- Mask balls in Born (January and February)
- Sea pier festival in Prerow (Saturday after Ascension Day)
- Pottery and crafts market in Prerow (Saturday and Sunday at Whit sun)
- Children’s Festival in Born (2nd Saturday in June)
- Port Fair in Wieck (2nd Saturday in July)
- Fair featuring shooting matches in Prerow (July)
- Port Fair in Prerow (August)
- Dressage and show jumping in Born (2nd weekend in August)
- Museum festival in Prerow (last weekend in August)
- "Tonnenabschlagen" (buoy knock down, old local tradition):
Prerow (3rd Sunday in July),
Wieck (4th Sunday in June),
Born (1st Sunday in August)
- National park festival in Wieck (September)


All the water samples taken from the Baltic Sea according EU-Directives, tested by the Territorial Institute of Hygiene showed a constant excellent bathing water quality. The fact that there are no sewage water discharges along the out coastal areas of Darss and Zingst as well as agreeable streams at this Baltic Sea Spot are the reason for ‘unspoilt’ bathing fun. Also at the measuring points of the Bodden, no reasons for complaints in accordance with the EU-Directives were found. Yet the depth of the sight is a bit low. The reading of the measurements carried our every two weeks from May to September are available from the Health Resort Administrations for consultation.

aufwaert.gif (883 Byte) YOUTH HOSTELS

- Youth hostel Ibenhorst, Born, Im Darsser Wald, phone: 038234/229
- Sport and Tourist camp, Prerow, Lange Strasse 94, phone: 038233/208